Winter Health Care

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Winter often means less time outdoors and more time relaxing.  Owners can forget that health concerns can still be an issue, even for those couch potatoes.  With many people traveling over the holidays animals may stay in boarding facilities, doggie daycare or with house sitters.  Vacation time for you, allows additional exposure for them.  With close proximity to other pets, the stress of you being gone and an extended stay in an unfamiliar place, many pets develop concerns.  This can range from exposure to communicable diseases to GI upset.
With most work schedules, walks with our furry friends become few and far between.  Its dark earlier in the evening and temperatures drop.  With that, our exercise routines can become minimal and weight gain begins for our pets.  Altering quantities at feeding time may be recommended by your veterinarian during the less active months.  This is also be a great time to focus on training or chronic issues that may need treatment.
If you have a little more time on your hands, winter can be a great time to schedule those surgical or dental procedures you have been holding off on.  They can have their health concerns addressed, and you have a couch buddy while they recover.