VETSOURCE... why use it?

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VETSOURCE is an online pharmacy that allows you the convenience of purchasing your pet products, food and medications from home.  It's a reputable site that provides products from the same manufacturers / distributors our veterinary hospital purchases from.  This gives you the added guarantee that you are receiving the products you truly want.
VETSOURCE notifies your veterinarian when your order is placed, the prescription is verified (if one is needed) and your pets medications arrive at your door.
You can also set up an "auto shipping" on regularly used items.  You can order a monthly supply of medication, and have auto ship send the next month before you run out.  This prevents those last minute calls to the veterinarian, realizing you only have one dose remaining and forgot to call ahead.  Hospitals are unable to maintain every medication in stock, and will often need to order as well.  The auto ship option can alleviate all of these concerns. 
We have a link to VETSOURCE on our website, making it easy to start ordering. We can set up your account for you or answer any questions you may have.