Thunderstorm and Firework Season

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Thunderstorm and firework season can be extremely traumatic for pets.  We often see anxiety begin to rise before the storm clouds even roll in.  Our pets are aware of the upcoming changes long before we are.
We can see shaking, anxious behavior, panting and vocalizing.  Pets will often hide or move from place to place to try and avoid the sounds and vibrations.
Providing a safe and quiet place in your home can be beneficial for some pets.  A place in a closet or in a basement, and turning on a radio or tv can help to decrease the sound.  Animals will often seek out locations like a shower or bathtub where they seem to feel less of the vibration.
Items such as thunder shirts and other anxiety designed products can be helpful for some.  Your veterinarian can offer suggestions for over the counter anti-anxiety supplements or a prescription medications in cases when needed.
Always keep doors and windows closed, to prevent your pet from darting outside in fear.  More animals are lost / run off annually during storms and firework season than during any other times.
Contact your veterinarian if this is a concern for your pet...  finding solutions can make the summer months much more enjoyable for everyone.