Take a Bite Out Of Bad Breath

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February is Dental Month, and this is a great opportunity to complete a dental prophy on your cat or dog.  We know that large anesthetic procedures can often be financially difficult and emotionally difficult for owners.  They often feel that they are navigating the unknown when it comes to dental care and pets.
Dental disease plays a significant role in general health.  Periodontal disease not only effects the obvious things like mouth odor, tooth appearance and comfort level, but also your pets general well being.  Liver and kidneys can be directly effected.  The discomfort associated with inflamed gums, fractured teeth or an abscess can cause reduced appetite, weight loss or force pets to swallow food to prevent the pain of chewing.
Constant discomfort in the mouth can also manifest in irritable behaviors or even "snapping" at owners.
Speak with your veterinarian about general anesthesia, a dental cleaning and x-rays.  Educate yourself as an owner about benefits and concerns. Inquire about a basic estimate, knowing they will need to evaluate your pets mouth fully while under anesthesia. Most clinics are offering a discount during the month of February helping to alleviate some of the financial concerns.