Reminders - Why are they important

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Most veterinary clinics utilize a number of contact opportunities to remind owners of upcoming appointments, vaccine schedules, lab work schedules and hospital discounts.  It's often as simple as an email response or text message letting you confirm an appointment.  
With that convenience, comes extra "mail" in your box.  Clients often ask why they receive those reminders and need additional clarification on what is needed and the importance of those treatments.
Vaccine reminders are important to help keep your pet on a routine schedule and prevent them from lapsing.  Vaccines that have been allowed to extend past due dates or have not had a cycle completed may not provide the protection necessary to keep your pet at lower risk.  
Lab work is necessary to provide base line information and monitor any gradual changes even in our healthy pets.  For those who are receiving medications regularly, have been diagnosed with any chronic or acute medical condition or any type of organ function compromise, monitoring blood levels is extremely important in maintaining health management.

We recognize that your life is busy, and even the most organized and diligent pet owners can forget to schedule an appointment.  Speak with our client representatives to update any personal contact information, and help us to utilize the best options for reaching out to you when it comes to your pet.