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  • Emergency Clinics

    Aspenwood is available for daytime emergencies Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
    Walk-In Appointments are ALWAYS welcome

    Animal Emergency Care Centers (719) 260-7141
    Powers Pet Emergency (719) 473-0482
    Uintah Pet Emergency (719) 633-3214
  • Trupanion

    * Offering Trupanion Express *     

        Accepted :  Ask for more details

  • Acupuncture - Thinking out of the box

    Acupuncture can be an alternative or supplementary treatment for many of your pets ailments. Often, treatment options such as this are not thought of when you consider your pets comfort or health.  Thinking "out of the box" beyond strictly pharmaceutical relief can provide the most comprehensive care. Dr. Casali is certified and experienced in providing this treatment option, and can evaluate if this may be beneficial for your pet.

    Call and schedule your evaluation.  Take the opportunity to ask questions and find out what acupuncture can provide.


    Laser Therapy - It's More Than Surgical                We are excited to offer cold laser therapy, for post surgical treatment, wound therapy, ear infections, post dental extractions, gingivitis and pain management.  Ask us for more details about laser utilization for your pet and the benefits it can provide.


    In House Diagnostics - It's More Than Skin Deep           We offer in house digital radiology and ultra-sound.  Our radiographs are reviewed by a board certified radiologist and our ultra sounds are reviewed by a board certified internist.  This allows us to provide the most comprehensive results and evaluation of your pets needs.