May 25th - National Heat Awareness Day

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Your pet(s) are largely affected when temperatures rise.  They can experience heatstroke, sunburn and foot pad burns.  These injuries can result very quickly and with minimal exposure time.
Walking on hot sidewalks and asphalt can result in severe trauma to feet and pads. In 77 degree weather, the asphalt temperature can exceed 100 degrees in the sun.  Please remember this when you are including your pet in the summer outings to local markets and festivities.
Heat exhaustion, often early stages of heatstroke, can include diarrhea, nausea, rapid panting and reddening of the skin (easily seen inside the ears).  Heatstroke can cause organ failure, brain damage, hemorrhage, blindness, convulsions and death.
Activity exertion on a hot day, even a relaxing stroll in extreme heat can be cause for concern.  Animals should NEVER be left in a vehicle, or enclosed space where temperatures can quickly rise.
Always have shade or cool location available, plenty of water access and limit outdoor activity to evenings after temperatures have dropped.
Make it a safe and enjoyable summer for everyone.
If your pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.