Lab Work and Healthy Pets

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If your pet has been seen for a veterinary visit recently, lab work was probably discussed with you.  Many owners immediately think "my pet is doing great, there isn't any reason to run lab work".  The idea that you should only run diagnostics if your pet is ill, is making it possible to miss changes in the early stage.  Our pets often hide illnesses and make it difficult to see those changes outwardly.  Once symptoms are visible, the changes to internal organ values can be severe.
Annual testing can help to pin point areas of concern that need to be of focus.  Preventative measures can then be recommended by your veterinarian to help prevent further negative changes.
Negative or normal lab work is what we hope for.  It's okay not to find anything...  normal lab work is just as helpful in managing your pets health.  If they become ill at a later time, you now have normal lab work to compare and a timeline of change.

Annual diagnostics are an important part of preventative medicine.  When scheduling your pets annual examination, discuss testing with your veterinarian.  These steps can help to prevent you from finding out unexpected news down the road.