Fleas and Ticks in Colorado

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Myth: Colorado does not have fleas or ticks

The truth is, Colorado has both and they can both have an impact on your pets.  Fleas live year around on hosts.  This can include small rodents in your house (mice) or wildlife outdoors.  If your pet comes in contact with these animals, a bedding area or ingests them, they can be transferred.  Bubonic Plague (which has been found in Colorado) is most often transmitted from a bite of an infected flea. One of the most common tapeworms, is transmitted by ingestion of a flea carrying larvae or eggs. Tapeworms are an intestinal parasite that can be living in your pets intestinal tract.
Once a flea has made it into your home wether on your clothing, shoes or pets the eggs and larvae can the be present in areas such as carpeting and furniture allowing for re-infestation.

Ticks, which also feed on a warm blooded host, can spread numerous infectious diseases.  Depending on your location, these deceases can vary.  Ticks are often found on your pets behind ears, under legs or tails.  Living an active outdoor lifestyle and enjoying beautiful Colorado allows our pets access to areas of exposure.

Please keep this in mind when considering treatment options for your pets.  The cooler climate and higher elevation is not a preventative.