Feline Patients - Put Yourself In Their Shoes (Paws)

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Lets face it, cats and dogs are different.  We can see our canine patients show signs of stress when they arrive at our clinic, but often the feline patients have a higher anxiety level.  Dogs have more opportunity for social interaction.  They often go on walks, car rides and will be exposed to many different situations and people.  Cats are more likely to be home bodies, and only interact with people who come over to visit (sometimes not even then).

These are some suggestions for helping your cats appointment be as stress free as possible.
Utilize your carrier for than just those occasional car trips.  Allow your cat to sleep in there (with the door off), provide treats and have the carrier available in a room like any other furniture or hiding place.  When transporting to the car, place them directly into the seat where they will be traveling, making sure that the carrier is secure and will not be allowed to tip over during travel.  Placing the carrier on the ground / parking lot can increase fear and stress.  At that level, they are experiencing sights and sounds we don't think of.  When entering your veterinary clinic, never set your carrier in the lobby where they may be approached by another patient.  Feel comfortable asking that your cat carrier be set in an elevated location or behind the front desk, diminishing chances of interaction with another feline or canine patient while you await your appointment time.  Covering the carrier with light covering can also help them to feel more secure.
Your feline companions need veterinary care just as frequently as your canine companions.  Keeping these tips in mind can make those visits easier on everyone.