Extractions and Recovery

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Its dental month, and with that many owners are navigating dental extractions and recovery for their pet.  Owners are often concerned about their pet not being able to eat after teeth are removed.  In most cases, our dogs and cats return to normal diet after the healing process and do very well.  Owners will report that appetite is improved and in many cases, overall demeanor is better.  
For some pets a dental cleaning is part of their routine annual care, and there are no additional recommended treatments.  For others, they are dealing with issues such as inflamed gingiva, mobile teeth, malocclusion (teeth misaligned or causing trauma in the mouth) or a tooth root abscess.  Completing those treatment recommendations can remove a source of constant pain and slow progression of periodontal disease.
Once the recovery process is complete (10-14 days), our patients are able to eat, play and go through their daily routine without dental discomfort.

We understand that hearing a recommendation for multiple extractions or treatments can be unexpected and overwhelming.  Owners should feel comfortable asking for a detailed explanation of the concerns being found and also an opportunity to review x-rays with staff.  Educating yourself as a pet owner helps your veterinary professional work with you to provide excellent care for your pets.