Emergency - Financial Options

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For most of us, it's difficult to be financially prepared for the unexpected.  We always hope our pets will be safe and healthy and we do our best to ensure that.  Unfortunately, they have accidents and unexpected emergencies just like the rest of our family. 
For some pet owners, setting aside a "pet account" works best.  They utilize a monthly savings plan to build a small nest egg.  The amount is based on your individual budget but can be a great idea to start setting aside funds for preventative care and those unexpected events.  Care Credit has become a widely accepted credit option for most veterinary facilities.  It allows you to "charge" the amount, but make interest free payments in many cases.  You can apply at home, and have funds available if needed.
Insurance is ALWAYS recommended for your pet.  We realize it is an additional monthly fee, but well worth it when it's needed. Depending on the situation, it will often cover 90% of ongoing treatments for medical conditions as well as emergencies.  Most facilities no longer provide in house financing, so pet owners need to have other options.  There is no such thing as a "free pet" and thinking a head can take some of the stress out of an unexpected situation.