Anxiety - Assessment and Managment

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Many pets suffer from anxiety. This can manifest in many different ways depending on circumstances and the pet.   Owners see everything from aggression, fear, inappropriate marking and destructive behaviors.  
Dealing with this situation can be stressful and frustrating for an owner.  They can feel like they are failing their pet or that they have done something wrong in regard to training.
Having a professional evaluation and support from your veterinarian can make all the difference.  In some cases pharmaceuticals can be helpful but the underlying reason for the anxiety needs to be addressed.
If you're struggling with this issue in your home, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.
These are five screening questions you may be asked:  think about them in advance to help your veterinarian to better understand what your pet is dealing with.
1. Is there anything specific that makes your pet anxious or afraid.
2. What triggers the behaviors - e.g. being alone, loud noises, visitors
3. How does this anxiety or fear manifest - e.g. trembling, tucked tail, vocalizing, salivation, dilated pupils
4. Does this behavior result from a traumatic event or develop gradually
5. Does anything provide comfort during those episodes
We will work together to help your pet be happier and more secure.